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The Autumn Issue of “Jiangsu Glimpses” is now available!

《Jiangsu Glimpses》秋季号出刊咯!

The highlight of this autumn issues is not only the beautiful lakes, mountains and forests, but also autumn food to delicacies your taste buds.

Autumn’s most beautiful colour, “golden”, the pleasant weather and romantic scenery make it a great time to travel! It also the best season for climbing, looking far and cherishing the past.

Autumn is the season to eat crabs, drink wine, appreciate yellow chrysanthemum and osmanthus. In addition, there’s a coverage of the Mid-Autumn Festival!

Click on the link now, let Jiangsu Glimpse e-magazine be your autumn companion!

Jiangsu Glimpses:https://www.jnsheji.cn/book/hMv4b1u0lv

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