Diverse Beauty of Charming Jiangsu through Lens


The tourism promotional film “Charm of Jiangsu” takes “water” as the themeand shows the diverse beauty of Jiangsu through lens.

It not only includes the representative beautiful landscape of Jiangsu, such as Langshan Mountain in Nantong, Jinshan Mountain in Zhenjiang, Yuantouzhu in Lake Taihu, but also shows the characteristics of intangible cultural heritages, delicious food and local customs.

Through the cultural and travel experience of all kinds of scenes in Jiangsu, it is set up with rich characters and plots and tells the stories of Jiangsu culture and tourism, showing the different cultural connotations of Jiangsu. We want more visitors to Jiangsu to experience “beautiful scenery, beautiful humanity, beautiful taste, and beautiful life” and reap the discovery of beauty.

Article source: “Charm of Jiangsu” more beautiful with you, Global Communication Center

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