Akoya Pearl Bracelet_5mm


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Akoya 是日文“あこや”的发音英文译音,是马氏贝的意思,所以由这种母贝生产的珍珠就统称为 Akoya 珍珠。

珍珠种类 Pearl Type:Akoya Pearl
颜色 Color:White
尺寸 Size:5mm

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时间 Time: 9am-6pm(Mon-Fri)
联络 Tel: +65 6745 2268
Whatsapp:+65 9150 1413

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Pearl Falco 为 Akoya Pearl 手链选择较小的 Akoya 珍珠,不会太重,如果能将几条手链叠在一起,则可以呈现一种脱颖而出的时尚气质。

Bracelets are one of the earliest known forms of jewelry. Dating back as far as 7000BC, bracelets have been found in ancient China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. Bracelets add that accent to the full outfit and can complement other jewelry without being too flashy.

Pearl Falco choose their smaller Akoya pearls for Akoya Pearl bracelet not to be too heavy but if you put a couple of bracelets together layered, you can enjoy more fashion and make it stand out.

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